The Home Inspection Guide

pictue of the Home Inspection Guide

by Nathan Weinstock, B.Sc., RHI

your Ottawa Home Inspector

It was the end of a long and challenging inspection. The purchaser had wanted to buy the 40- year-old-bungalow as a retirement home, but the cost of repair and basic renovation was too formidable. It needed more than just a make over. From the basement to the roof the house was in trouble. The foundation was cracked. Inefficient windows needed to be replaced. The entire electrical system needed updating. Drain pipes had remnants of a sewer backup. Ice damning had damaged the interior of the house; it needed a new roof.

It was then his daughter asked me,”Is there anything we can use to do a preliminary inspection so we don’t have to go through a full inspection on every house?”

That’s where The Home Inspection Guide is most useful. The Home Inspection Guide can assist home buyers with their preliminary viewing of prospective homes. Rather than spend the time and money of hiring a professional inspector for each likely house, the Guide allows the buyer to conduct an organized, detailed, and objective examination of the house.

For the past 20 years I’ve been teaching consumers how to do the preliminary inspection for themselves. The more you know the better you can protect yourself.

The Home Inspection Guide is:

  • An effective tool to help organize your viewing of a house
  • A way to eliminated any inappropriate houses

The Home Inspection Guide will:

  • Highlight the technical merits of a house
  • Focus on deficiencies that could cause future trouble

The Home Inspection Guide will help you evaluate the house and determine when a full home inspection is required. This is a simple, friendly book, written in plain language. It is designed to let anyone look through a home in an organized, methodical manner. You don’t need any construction, architectural, or engineering background to understand the material. The Home Inspection Guide is designed to arm you; to help you look after your own interests in this daunting, potentially costly area.

The cost of the book is only $19.95 (all values are in Canadian dollars). Adding the cost of shipping ($3.00) and HST ($2.98) the total is $25.93. To order the book you can:

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