AccuChex offers great support when it comes to Home Inspections. Most are provided for free as a public service. There are Seminars and Workshops. Technical papers are presented to give a deeper perspective into some key areas of concern. A Home Inspection Checklist is provided for free as a tool for a first objective review of a house. The Home Inspection Guide is a book written as a tool to be used for a more detailed examination of the house. To help better understand home inspections and home inspectors, there’s the Consumer’s Guide to Home Inspections and How to Choose a Home Inspector.  The names of outstanding professionals are listed under Special Agents.


Here is a list of Seminars, Workshops and Courses. Please check the individual listing for more details.

Technical Papers

Over the years, AccuChex Home Inspections, a leading Ottawa based Home Inspection Company, has prepared a number of technical reports on the subject of homes and home inspection. Some of these reports are now being made available on-line.

Free Home Inspection Checklist

Yes, FREE. I provide this Inspection Checklist, compliments of AccuChex Home Inspections, because I believe that it always helps to be better informed. And if you can take the first step on your own, you can get that much closer to understanding the house.

The Home Inspection Guide

The Home Inspection Guide can assist home buyers with their preliminary viewing of prospective homes. Rather than spend the time and money of hiring a professional inspector for each likely house, the Guide allows the buyer to conduct an organized, detailed, and objective examination of the house.

Consumer’s Guide to Home Inspections

A home is your biggest asset. When buying one, you want to know it’s sound. When owning a home, you want to ensure it’s well maintained. And when planning any changes, you want to know the house can support the renovations. A Home Inspection is indispensable in all these cases.

How to Choose a Home Inspector

The Inspector is your guardian, an unbiased professional, a set of experienced eyes trained in building science. Select someone with both formal education and extensive experience.