Ottawa Winter

Canal-Slate-286x300Posted on Thursday, March 27th, 2014 by Nathan Weinstock

What a winter we’ve had this year here in Ottawa!  Long, cold, and snowy.  No individual weather records set, just lots of cold and snow.  This created a special challenge when doing Ottawa home inspections.

Getting around in deep snow was hard.  Seeing the roof from above was demanding.  But, on the positive side, I knew right away if the heating system was working properly and if it was pumping out enough heat.  I could also see right away if the roof was a victim of ice damming.  These things are not so easy during a July inspection.

Still, I thought, might as well make the best of the hand we’re dealt.  This “special” winter allowed me to enjoy the best of the weather.  It was a great season for skating on the Rideau Canal, Ottawa’s great treasure.  There were so many days when the ice surface, all 7.8 km of it, was near perfect.  So I could get out and relish some great exercise in terrific fresh air.  There is nothing more exhilarating than gliding on and on, over hard, crisp ice.

The Ottawa winter festival, Winterlude, was a resounding success this year.  The weather cooperated perfectly to allow all the events to run as planned.  It was great fun!

So, yes, I’m ready for spring.  I’d like to get back into training for my 10k runs.  I’m looking forward to tip-toeing through flower beds instead of snow banks during a home inspection.  But I will think back on this winter when I am checking the air conditioners during next summer’s heat.