I offer comprehensive home inspection services throughout the greater Ottawa area. Here are some of the highlights of the services.  Don’t see what you’re looking for?  Ask. Click the contact box or phone 613 792 3330.  There's a good chance I can help!

  • Pre-purchase Inspections
  • Pre-listing or Pre-sale Inspections
  • Building Condition Inspections
  • Home Management Inspections
  • All Types of Homes, Many Different Reasons
  • Investigative and Diagnostic Inspections
  • Investment Properties
  • New Home Warranty
Pre-purchase Inspections

“Location location”and “timing is everything”.  Those are the big buzz words in real estate.  But for the vast majority of purchasers, “knowledge is king” is just as true.  And the best time to find out about the quality of a house is before you make the financial commitment.

When you’re buying a home, you want to know as much as you can about its physical condition.  You want to know what works, what doesn’t, what’s good, what needs attention, and how long things will last. That’s where I can help. With my inspection report, you can make an informed decision as to whether this is the house for you.

Pre-listing or Pre-sale Inspections

For a home seller, the best surprise is no surprise.  A pre-listing or pre-sale inspection can help you to identify any issues that might jeopardize the sale of your home.  After all this is probably your largest economic concern and you want this transaction to go smoothly.  I have inspected many homes before they’ve been listed.  My reports have helped make these closings successful.

Building Condition Inspections
Home Management Inspections

It’s a fact of life and physics that all things decay.  Roofs need replacing, foundations crack and need repair, electrical and plumbing systems become obsolete and hazardous.  State-of-the-art elements from 1930 simply will not make the grade today.  I help home owners find economical ways of taking care of their homes.  I explain how to prioritize projects and keep the systems and elements of the house functioning as they should.

All Types of Homes, Many Different Reasons

All types of homes are covered by an AccuChex inspection.  I inspect everything:  from condo apartments, to townhouses, to single homes, all the way to  duplex, triplex, fourplex, and even sixplex buildings. The age of the house can range from brand new (see Warranty inspections below) to over 100 years.  Yes, I inspect Heritage Buildings.  The homes can be located in the heart of the city, in the suburbs, or out in the country.  Yes, I inspect rural homes.

And all types of home ownership is covered by an AccuChex inspection including freehold ownership and condominiums.

And all types of transaction methods are covered by an AccuChex inspection.  The sale can take place with the help of a real estate agent through the Multiple Listing Service, MLS.  Or the sale can be done in a for-sale-by-owner arrangement with the help of a lawyer or service company.

I have pretty much seen it all.


Investigative and Diagnostic Inspections
AccuChex does special inspections to investigate and solve building related problems.  Pointing out leak entry points or devising a window replacement schedule are 2 examples of this type of work.  I have done this for Co-operative Housing, Non-profit Housing, and Condominium Corporations.

Investment Properties
Whether you are buying the property to live in or as an investment, knowing the building condition is important when deciding if the purchase is right.  All investments have to makes sense from a financial point of view.  An AccuChex inspection will help you with your calculations both for your operating expenses and especially your capital costs.

New Home Warranty
Even when buying a new home, an inspection is a vital tool in the process.  It is a major transaction with many potential pit falls.  An AccuChex inspection will protect your interests and play a key role in managing the New Home Warranty process.